Guild of St. Longinus

We’re still here!

The month of October saw our Fähnlein visiting two other Ren Faires and a German Bierhaus in NYC. It has also been a time of rest for all of us. Now that we are in November, we are starting to get ready for bigger and better things in the next year!

My Frau & I are already working on some amazing new outfits. We’ll keep you posted with our progress!

We still have to iron out the email list to keep in touch with all you wonderful people who signed our guestbook, and make those promised updated to our site here. We are also working on ideas for incentives for an IndieGogo campaign to help us raise the funds for some new equipment to help us educate and entertain you all better. Now, for both of these things, we are going to need lots of good pics and vids. Hundreds of you were snapping and filming away while we were doing our thing. If you have any good high quality pictures or videos of us that you wouldn’t mind us using, please email us a folder or URL, and how you’d like to be credited.

One last thing… We are looking to grow our Fähnlein. Men, women, children. Quite a few of you mentioned an interest in joining, and we’d love to discuss your future as a part of our little family. We’ll be putting up a post with details of membership, but feel free to shoot us a message in the meantime!