Guild of St. Longinus

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If you are interested in joining the Fähnlein please read the following:

We are looking for outgoing individuals with a passion for learning, teaching and living history. There are many roles to fill in our group. Some of the specialties we’d like to fill are:

  • Fighters
  • Public Speakers
  • Field Medic
  • Artisans/ Crafters
  • Kaplan (also known as Chaplain)
  • Drummer/ Piper
  • Cooks
  • Army wives

These positions are open to anyone based on ability and historical accuracy. If you don’t posses these skills, our current members will work with you. We strive for an atmosphere of free exchange of ideas and knowledge. Learning is just as important to us as teaching others.

While in the camp, we are looking for people who can engage the patrons, educate them, answer questions and demonstrate different aspects of life in a traveling army. This includes Landsknecht history, period cooking, sewing and other crafts, customs and religion of the Holy Roman Empire, games and solider past times, marching and drinking songs, medicine and finally martial/weapon/tactical history and theory including Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). Each individual is expected to help with set up and break down. This includes several weeks leading up to opening day, at least a day or two of breaking the site down at the end of the season and daily chores before opening and after closing cannon. We also have regular meetings in the off season to work on new projects, sew new costumes, work on character development and fighting skills. Nobody is expected to be an expert in every field but if everyone shares some of the knowledge they have personally learned in their own research, you will leave this group at the end of the summer with a wealth of new information.

Each member is required to make, borrow or buy period accurate clothing. Nobody expects perfection in your first few years but we are here to help. It is preferred that each member attend at least 50% of the days at the New York Renaissance Faire and off season meetings. We are portraying a group that traveled across Europe and the Mediterranean so non German personas are welcome. We can help you create a character and outfit to fit in with the time period if need be.

All full members must be 18 or older. Junior members between 14-17 can be admitted so long as at least one guardian is also a member of the Guild and is present at all times. Children and infants are all welcome in the camp but must have a legal guardian present. Children under 14 are free but will need to fill out the appropriate forms to receive a pass to the Faire.

Membership Prices per year:

Single- $110

Couple- $170

Family (couple+1 child)- $220

Each additional child (14 and over) -$25


What does Membership get you?

Membership to the Guild of Saint Longinus gets every member over 18 voting rights within the group. It also gets you all the passes necessary to get into the New York Renaissance Faire at an extremely discounted price.

A Queens Pass/ Participants Pass ($175), eight weekends of parking ($170) and camping (begins at $140 for a single person). This totals $485 per person. This gives you a heavy discount into the Faire with the ability to show up on Friday and camp until Monday.

Each member will also be covered by the guilds liability insurance. This starts at around $40 per person.

The price of membership will go towards gear and supplies for the encampment but will also help fund the LLC and web hosting.



Payment methods currently include cash and check and Pay-Pal.

To use Pay-Pal, please choose the membership option below. You do not need a Pay-Pal account to send payment.



Feel free to e-mail us at or or contact us on Facebook.