Guild of St. Longinus

Farewell for now!

The 2015 season has come to an end. We would like to thank everyone involved in making this happen. This not only includes the members of the Fahnlein and the off season volunteers but Skaldvick for giving us the inspiration, Das Geld for giving us a vision as well as tons of guidance, NYRF for having us and YOU for engaging us! Without you stopping in and asking us questions, watching our demonstrations and playing our games, we would have been nothing. It is you, our guests, that really made The Guild of Saint Longinus a living, breathing family.

We hope to have our e-mail list up and running soon as well as a list of some of the recipes we used throughout the season and eventually a link to purchase some of the games you had played with us. Until then, keep an eye out in your inboxes and on our facebook for news on more updates.

Once again, a great many thanks and we hope to see you again next year with our new and improved Fahnlein.

Kreigs Dame