Guild of St. Longinus

A successful weekend of romance!

Romance weekend was a hit as Willhelm and Adelaide got to spend some time together alone as the rest of the camp was sent off to recruit new members for the Landsknecht army. Lenora helped out around the camp on Saturday and then went out with her husband Johannes to have themselves a bit of romance as well. A wonderful meal of egg and onions with vinegar was had as well and some toast with quark and radish. The food was as great as the company and all who stopped by were anxious to learn more about the recipes.

The weekend was not all leisure though. The Queen stopped for a visit with her court and had her men test their abilites with the sword followed by the knights and Sir Ulrich. Willhelm then picked a few unsuspecting Englishmen (and women) and tested their abilities in battle. They are recruiting after all!

It was a long weekend but an exceptionally fun one. There was great food, plenty of roses, excellent company, a plethora of romance and a job well done by all. As always, if you missed us this weekend, please stop by next week. If you were a visitor to the camp and want to learn more, please check the links above, find us on facebook and e-mail or

Pictures up soon!

Haben eine gute woche!