Guild of St. Longinus

A Round Of Thanks

We’ve got six weekends under our belts, with three more to go. It’s been an amazing ride so far. Considering 5/7 of us are completely new to reenactment, I think we’re smoothing the rough edges nicely.


We want to thank all those who helped us get where we are.


Thank you to REC/NYRF for giving us this opportunity.


Thank you to the friends who helped us with construction and grounds work.


Thank you to Das Geld Fähnlein for being such an amazing inspiration, and for your help and guidance opening day.


Thank you to the Joust Knights/K.A.D.S for jumping into our fight circle. You’ve been a great help entertaining our patrons and educating our members.


Thank you to all of the HEMA students, teachers and groups that have visited us, especially Christian Tobler, NJHFA & NYHFA. Your kind words have encouraged us, and your critiques have helped improve us.


Thank you to mein Frau/fiance, Alicia, for EVERYTHING. This would not have happened without you. I owe you BIG time.


Thank you to everyone in the Fähnlein, you guys are amazing! We’ve encountered some serious snags, but we’ve pulled through, had fun, and became better friends for it.

L.p.And, most importantly, thank you to all the patrons that have come through our encampment, and those yet to visit. You are the reason we do this. You’re interest in learning about actual renaissance history at a Ren Faire is amazing. We love teaching you, and we love learning from you.